About Us

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IU was created with the purpose to make every day products and services accessible to everyone. By focusing on the hiring and experiences of those with disabilities, IU leads by example of equity and community building.

IU has three areas of focus: Research and Development, Embedded Accessibility Coaches, and Educational Training Workshops.

In-House Research & Development

This will focus on developing apps, software, methodologies, and real world application for mainstream accessibility.

Embedded, Specialized Development Coaches

These coaches will guide small and large businesses alike through their product and services development, ensuring their goods are accessible from the first step.

Accessibility Training

Our workshops are designed by those with disabilities with real world product experience - this allows and encourages companies to educate employees on end user needs for accessibility.

There is a fast-expanding market of people who aren’t getting their needs met, and they want to be part of the usability of the world. By addressing local issues, we’ll create standards for global solutions for all businesses to utilize. Social awareness, building communities, and advocacy guide our mission to create tools and services that lead to equal opportunity employment for those who want to work.